DNA Test

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We now combine artificial intelligence with your patient’s DNA and industry leading turnaround time. We break down the info to its simplest terms for you and your patient to get started. Get more patient breakthroughs than ever before. More Data = More Insight. Our comprehensive DNA test includes an industry leading analysis of more than 6.4 Billion data points (competitors look at around 400,000 data points on average) on the genome. The information contained in DNA is critical in helping doctors make informed decisions. Get an inside look at what your patient’s health needs are, and a “roadmap” into what is best and most critical for their body. Simply call Systemic Formulas and order the kit, which gets mailed directly to your patient. We take it from there and send you a custom report. All kits will ship separately and may take an extra 2-3 days to arrive.

While the DNA Test is currently unavailable for online ordering, it can be ordered by phone. Please call us at 1-800-445-4647 to place your order.

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960 - DNA Test Kit