NEURO PRE-BYOME is part of our patent pending system combining prebiotics and probiotics. Research consistently shows how the microbiome is powerfully influenced by the diet. More importantly, our microbiome is influenced by unique phytochemicals like flavonoids, flavanols, cyanidins, procyanidins, terpenes, alkaloids and others. Our research confirms the power of these phytocompounds on the microbiome. NEURO PRE-BYOME is specifically designed to deliver the phytonutrients most beneficial to our probiotic, NEURO BYOME, and generally to the healthy gut-brain microbiome. Indeed, the gut–brain axis is linked to neuropsychological health and the role of prebiotics, plus probiotics positively supports these neurological processes.

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#367 NEURO PRE-BYOME - Gut-Brain Axis Prebiotic